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Coddenham & District Baby and Toddler Group

Run as a community group by local parents.

Parents, grandparents and carers of children please join us and become part of our small, friendly group.










Coddenham Community Centre

Wednesdays 10:00 – 11:30

Suits 0 – 4 yrs old.  £1.50 per family, includes refreshments

Phone Claire on 07909 112 896 or 01449 760 508


Kitty, my (unofficial) mother in law counselled me when I first moved to Coddenham seven years ago that:


‘In order to have your village and community stay alive, you must do something to help it thrive’ (or words to this effect!).                                                                    


I have had the pleasure of running Coddenham Baby and Toddler group for the past couple of years and as Eliza nears her fourth birthday in March, I will be moving on as she does to something new.

I know people worry sometimes about taking on groups like this: the responsibility, the time, the commitment etc. I won’t deny that when I first took it on, I was studying and Eliza was a baby, I did so with similar fear and trepidation, so with Kitty’s advice in mind I took a leap into the unknown. It was one of the best things I have ever done. I have been fortunate enough to become friends with some amazing women (and the odd token brave but very welcome male). The group has helped our dormitory houses become homes in a thriving sociable village.

Schools have taken many of our members now. In 2018 more leave including us, so we are looking to invite more parents and carers along to keep it going for the next generation. Once village resources like this close, they possibly never reopen. Maintaining a current service is much easier than starting again from scratch.

Anyone interested in assisting this group, I would love to hear from you. It is definitely not a ‘thankless task’. You give yes, but you gain much more. It is worth the effort trust me. Please come and support us and invite your friends, parents and neighbours. The more the merrier!

Call Claire Kendall 07909 112896 for info