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Village Shop Up-Date 03/07/2019


Light at the end of the tunnel!


The whole team at CCSL are continuing to move at pace to ensure the community shop opens before the end of August.


You will have noticed that the internal building work is underway in the shop and that the essential licence applications have now been posted on the shop window (alcohol licence etc) to meet the 28 day legal notice requirements.


A lot of behind the scenes work,  as you will imagine is also underway  - I am very happy to talk to anyone about environmental health requirements, safety and building regulations, alcohol, tobacco and poisons (!) licencing, staff and volunteer training, EPOS systems, fridge and freezer dimensions -  and a whole lot more…if you really want to!


The lease negotiations with Roy and Ann Gudgin are also progressing rapidly and in a very professional and supportive way.


The share issue prospectus is also written, completed, approved and ready to fly.


The only blockage we have experienced so far has been with the bank - HSBC, who have proven to be far from speedy and entrepreneurial in their approach to opening our account!  We believe however that the “gentle” encouragement offered to HSBC in recent days will now ensure the account opening process is accelerated.


So, this means that very shortly, you will be receiving, via e-mail (and post where required), the official prospectus and share application form from Coddenham Community Shop Ltd.  Please look out for this in your inbox/postbox, take the time to read it carefully and then return the application form to us as quickly as possible.


It will only be when we have received our minimum target for share purchase and have the money in the bank,  that we will be able to make the financial decisions necessary (sign the lease/ employ the manager/ buy stock/ etc) to open the shop.


Thanks again for all your support.


Remember - Coddenham Community Shop IS COMING.


The CCSL Team


Many thanks to those of you who responded to the questionnaires sent out in March.  The response was very good indeed with 134 people completing the questionnaire.  You can see the summarised results by clicking on this link:  https://surveyhero.com/results/125134/df4cb60a70c2a516be0417cdff1aabc6




Dear Neighbour and Supporter.


Thank you again for your pledges of financial support to Coddenham Community Shop Ltd.


I am very pleased now to issue the formal Community Share Prospectus and share purchase application form.


Please take the time to read the prospectus carefully – it is an important document that outlines all the details about the share offer, the benefits and the obligations involved.


With the share issue, time is of the essence as it will only be when we have reached our minimum target for share purchase (£20,000) and have the money in the bank, that we will be able to make the financial decisions necessary to enable us to open the shop.


When you are happy to proceed, please complete and return the share application form with your payment to us as soon as possible and certainly before the closing date of August 2nd.


If paying by cheque, please send your cheque and completed application form to: Elaine Thomas, Membership Secretary, Coddenham Community Shop Ltd, 3 Church Cottages, Church Rd, Coddenham, Ipswich. IP6 9PZ


If paying by bank transfer, you can e-mail your completed application form to the Membership Secretary at: elt@btinternet.com or post it to the above address.

As always, if you have questions on any of this, please contact myself (Rod Stanley-Bell) at rodstanleybell@btinternet.com or our Membership Secretary (Elaine Thomas) at elt@btinternet.com – or any members of the committee who will all be happy to help.


Thanks again for all your support.


Rod Stanley-Bell


Chair - Coddenham Community Shop Ltd.


Codenham Village Shop Update

14/07/2019  Coddenham Share Issue - Clearing The First Hurdle


Dear Neighbour and Supporter.


Thank you to so many of you for being first away from the starting gate in the Coddenham Community Shop Share Purchase Stakes!


We have got off to a really flying start in the first week, being nearly 80% towards our first £20,000 hurdle.


We do however need to clear this first hurdle, with the winnings in the bank, as quickly as possible and really in the next few days, before we can do anything serious towards opening the shop - which means sign the lease, order any equipment, book any services, employ staff, reserve stock etc, etc.


So, can I please ask any of you who have not done it yet, to find a few minutes this weekend (maybe in between Wimbledon, the cricket and the motor racing) to confirm your pledges and send in your share application, with your cheque or bank transfer to the Membership Secretary, Elaine Thomas.


I understand that some may also have had problems with the original PdF application form which sometimes can be difficult to use with some computer system software. If you need a hard copy of the prospectus and application form, just drop me an e-mail and I will get one over to you.


Thank you again for all your support. I hope to speak to you again soon from much nearer the winning post !




Rod Stanley-Bell



Chair, Coddenham Community Shop Ltd