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The entry on council elections following the Annual meeting on 21st May 2019.

There were 6 applicants for 4 vacancies.

Following the cooption process the Council members are.

Donald Burton - Chair Allan Fowler - Vice Chair, Dr Isabel Burgess ,Alix Darell-Brown ,Jan Fawdry, Roy Groom, Colin Hardy ,Caroline MacDonald ,Lauren Mitchell John Peecock ,Neil Scoresby

The Council is currently working with a Locum Clerk pending a permanent appointment.


Due to unforeseen circumstances the extra meeting that was scheduled for the

13th June has had to be cancelled.

The Ordinary Meeting on the 27th June is scheduled to proceed.


The Parish Council provides, manages and maintains a number of facilities for and services to the local community, including the Community and Sports Hall, the Tennis Courts, the Bowling Green, the Recreation Park, the Allotments, Mill Hill and Broom Hill nature parks, some of the streetlights (others are maintained by the County Council) and some public footpaths (as an agent for the County Council). It is also invited to comment on planning applications quite regularly and is often consulted on other matters that affect the village. However, it is important to note that it is not the decision-making body on most, if not all of such matters.


The Parish Council also works closely with other local authorities (SCC and MSDC) and agencies (such as the Police) in an effort to maintain as high a standard of public service as possible.


As part of its commitment to greater transparency, this section of the website has been reorganised and populated with a number of documents that should give residents and ratepayers a clearer understanding of the work of the Parish Council.


In addition, the first of what is hoped to be a quarterly newsletter has been distributed to all households in Coddenham, thanks to a generous start-up grant obtained by SCC Councillor Matthew Hicks. An expanded electronic copy is obtainable elsewhere on this website (see the menu bar above). It is expected that the opportunity for advertising in the newsletter will be available shortly, with discounted rates for local businesses, to help underwrite its costs.


As the Parish Council is empowered by Act of Parliament to act only as a corporate body, please direct all formal correspondence through the Clerk.

The Council is currently working with a Locum Clerk pending a permanent appointment.


Carol Bailey BA (Hons) CiLCA Parish Clerk, (Locum)


E: clerk.coddenhampc@gmail.com  M: 07548 152181


Correspondence: 9 Potters Crescent GREAT MOULTON NR15 2HL



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