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Manor Farm Butterfly Transect

Started a few years ago, this transect is organised as part of  the County recording of butterfly numbers carried out in various parts of Suffolk and submitted to National records.

The transect consists of a fixed route from the churchyard and across farmland to make a weekly record of numbers of different species of butterflies seen in the near vicinity of the route between April and the end of September. The records made by the recorders are sent to the County recorder each year.

We have three volunteers from Coddenham plus an enthusiast from Stonham who walk the route on a rota choosing a day during their week which fits the criteria for recording. The walk is an enjoyable threequarters of an hour over a pretty route and although some of us were by no means experts when we started, we have enjoyed improving our identification skills.

We always are grateful for new volunteers and anyone who would like to know more about the scheme is welcome to get in touch with me.

- Brenda Hudson