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From: "Debenham High School" <SC9354504a@schoolcomms.com>

Date: 1 December 2017 at 16:27:40 GMT

To: "Isabel Burgess" <isabel.burgess@live.com>,

Subject: Home to School Transport - Local Authority consultation


1 December 2017



Dear Parents/Carers,


You may have seen in the recent local media, comment and discussion with regard to some proposed changes by the County Council to home-to-school transport across the county. These proposals were first brought to the Cabinet in September but following concerns that this had been proposed without due planning and consultation and that hence they did not have sufficient information on which to make a decision, the Cabinet called for further information before proceeding.


On Tuesday 5 December 2017 the Cabinet will meet once more to finalise a full consultation on changes to the home-to-school transport. The agenda and papers for this meeting can be accessed at




The three options presented in the consultation are:


Option 1 - In September 2019, change the school travel policy as follows: free travel would only be provided to the nearest school (where there nearest school is beyond two miles (if below the age of 8); or beyond three miles (if aged between 8 and 16)).


Option 2 - From September 2019, introduce the changes year by year as a child joins or moves school, meaning that those currently provided free transport, already at school, would remain supported until they changed school.


Option 3 - Make no changes to the school travel policy but make savings from other essential services provided by Suffolk County Council.


If, after the consultation, the decision was made to adopt Option 1, they will be a number of students who currently attend Debenham High School who may no longer be eligible for free travel.  Furthermore, there would be no guarantee that commercial bus services would operate along the routes required to transport those students to Debenham.


I have attached with this letter the map of our catchment area and the geographically nearest school, provided to us by the County Council, showing which locations would be affected by the proposals.


If you wish to air your concerns for these proposals you can respond to the consultation when it is finalised. The proposed time scale for this is:

·         Consultation period starts – 12 December 2017

·         Consultation period ends – 28 February 2018

·         Review consultation responses –1 March 2018 to 3 April 2018

·         Suffolk County Council Cabinet –12 June 2018

·         Proposed implementation date – 1 September 2019


You can also air your concerns in other ways, by:

·               Raising awareness among your friends and family, particularly those in other schools. This affects all schools, including primary schools.


Contact your Councillor.

Name                         Division                                        Email address

Matthew Hicks           Worlingworth Ward                      matthew.hicks@midsuffolk.gov.uk

Kathie Guthrie            Debenham Ward                         kathie.guthrie@midsuffolk.gov.uk

Glen Horn                  Wetheringsett                              Glen.Horn@midsuffolk.gov.uk

Suzie Morley              The Stonhams                            suzie.morley@midsuffolk.gov.uk

Tim Passmore            Helmingham and Coddenham   Timothy.Passmore@midsuffolk.gov.uk

Jill Wilshaw                 Bacton and Old Newton             Jill.Wilshaw@midsuffolk.gov.uk

Keith Welham             Stowupland                                 keith.welham@midsuffolk.gov.uk