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Programme for 2019



Tues 19th Feb

“Building a Replica of the Sutton Hoo Royal Burial Ship”

 Brian Knibbs – Woodbridge Riverside Trust & Sutton Hoo Ships Co


Tues 19th Mar

“The Tale of Beatrix Potter”

Mark Mitchels


Tues 16th April

“Roman Suffolk”

David McDonnell


Tues 21st May

“History of the East Anglian Times and the Changing World Of Newspapers”

 Brad Jones – Editor


Weds 19th June

Visit to Munnings Museum at Dedham Leaving Coddenham 12 Noon


Tues 9th July

Visit to Debach Museum commencing 7pm


Tues 17th Sept

“The Medieval Cloth Industry in Suffolk”

Dr Nick Amor


Tues 15th Oct

AGM at 7pm followed by

“The History of Advertising”

 Stuart Bowell


Tues 19th Nov

“Metal Detecting Finds in Coddenham”

David Cummings


All talks at Haysel House at 7.30 unless otherwise stated.

Meetings are free to members – visitors £3



Annual Subscription – Adults £8    Students (16 and under)  £3


In 1985 the Coddenham Village History Club came into being through the legacy left by Cannon William Murrell Lummis in the form of a written History of Coddenham compiled by both him and his father over many years. Cannon Lummis only spent the days of his youth in the village, but throughout his life he researched and collected information about Coddenham; adding to and expanding on the work done by his father. He made four copies of the History of Coddenham, two of which are now in the Ipswich Record Office. A copy was given to the Coddenham National School and is now lost. The fourth copy had remained in the village & those who read it were intrigued by its content and felt strongly that this History of Coddenham was important and should not be forgotten. That it must be shared with everyone who was interested and that more research should be undertaken and records kept of important events, so ensuring an ongoing history of the village for the future.

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Coddenham Village History Club 2019


An opportunity to revel in childhood memories with


Mark Mitchels and  


“The Tale of Beatrix Potter”


on Tuesday March 19th in Haysel House at 7.30pm


Visitors Welcome    £3