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Good afternoon - I am working on my family history and trying to track the Webb family who would have lived in Coddenham during the 1800's, just wondered if there any of the Webbs there now - my family member was Maude May Webb born in 1889. If any one knows of Maude Webb please contact the admin throught the contact page on this site.

www.stopipswichnorthernbypass.co.uk The STOP! CAMPAIGN is opposed to all three routes. Almost thirty villages have now amalgamated under one umbrella to consolidate a speedy objection to ALL THREE ROUTES with the most impact. With reference to the above, my husband and I attended a STOP! THE NORTHERN ROUTE Volunteers Meeting in Hasketon twp days ago, chaired by Nick Deacon and Nick Green and attended by ITV East Anglia where we volunteered to help to raise public awareness of the Suffolk County Council's consultation process which ends on Friday 13 September 2019. . As one of the villages at risk in the proposed route plans, and as we live in Coddenham, my husband and I offered to help. A target of 10,000 signatures on the STOP! PETITION is the aim. To this end, we would be most grateful for some volunteer help in speaking to everyone in and around Coddenham as soon as possible. Wendy and John Marshall Choppins Hall


After a Brexit-style struggle, Coddenham Parish Council finally joined the rest of the Parishes north of Ipswich in joining the stopipswichnorthernbypass.co.uk campaign. It now seems pretty unanimous!

If any of you would also like to stop this un-needed bypass (Ipswich and Suffolk have some of the least congested road in the country according to the DfT), agree that we do not need the "extra 15-20,000 homes" the council intend to build once the road is built (the major house builders do not build affordable houses anyway- check out Right Move, 80% of new houses are over £250k!) and would like to Stop! any of the Ipswich Northern Routes, then please join the March that stopipswichnorthernbypass.co.uk is organising on 13th March (last day of consultation) next Friday at 11.30 in the town centre. Please keep the time free, we need as much support as possible- allow from 10.30 to 2.30pm to be on the safe side. When more details are available, I'll post them here.

Look forward to seeing you there with your home made banners and we can make up some pithy chants in the meantime...

Alan & Drina