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Coddenham Churchyard Management Group (CMG)


7:00 pm Monday 4th February 2019

The Pink House, Coddenham


Meeting Notes and Actions



David McDonnell (DM) (Chair), Colin Hardy (CH), Madge Pelling (MP), Ian Galbraith (IG), John Peecock (JP)



Neil Baillie (NB), John Allen (JA), Margaret Baker (MB)


Notes of Previous Meeting 24 June 2018

These were agreed, with one amendment under Matters Arising: Conifers are NOT permitted.


Matters Arising/Action Updates

Summer Grass Cut: Had been done very well and at correct time. CMG pleased with results and service and had informed PC. See below.

Crab Apple: Replace with similar. JP would explore suitable varieties.

Brush Cutter: Now in use and working well. Available if required.

Risk Assessment: Done by CH and MB July 2018. Revisit midsummer 2019.

Oasis: Problem seemed to have abated. Biodegradable now available but expensive. MB monitoring with flower arrangers.

Compost Bin: JP had fixed.

Recording of Grave Inscriptions: DM and IG would begin when weather improved.

Memorial Slab: Recent slab was proud of ground surface and thus a trip hazard and risked damage: IG would lower it.


Grass Cut

Appeared this now going as it should. Contractors understood brief and staff seemed interested in doing good job. DM had informed PC. With changes to ‘ownership’ of village hall, grass cutting contract, which includes churchyard, might need to change. DM to inform PC that CMG concerned existing successful arrangements should not be jeopardised.

Old mower needed to be disposed of. DM would arrange collection as scrap in aid of Scout Group.


Open Gardens 23 June 2019

Event would run for first time since 2016. CMG agreed to suggest churchyard should offer to open as a ‘garden’, rather than just an add-on attraction. DM to contact organiser, Mrs Margaritelli. CH to liaise with SWT over a stall and display materials.


Parochial Church Council Update

Shrubs round table tombs near Church House boundary partially cleared but more to be done. IG said ivy had done some damage and should also be removed. Some restoration desirable. Most urgent was tomb by yew tree on south side of church. This is unstable, although roped off. Repair now easier and cheaper than if deteriorates further. IG to contact Diocese re possible specialists. DM to ask Gardemau Church Charity re funding assistance.  Further cutting back to be undertaken when weather better.

Beech tree near oil tank also needs looking at.


Parish Council Update

Transfer of village hall from PC to charitable trust likely. May impact on grass cutting contract, which includes churchyard. See above. CH requested CMG provide an update on its work for next PC newsletter. DM to draft asap (deadline 10/3/19)


Any Other Business



Date of Next Meeting

7:00 pm Monday 17th June 2019 at The Pink House.