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I am delighted to report that this event will take place next year.  The proposed date is 23rd June 2019, to be confirmed a little nearer the time.


This was the first event we attended when we moved into the village, and we enjoyed it so much that when I read in the December edition of Six Village News that it was to end, I decided to volunteer to take over coordinating this event.


Thanks to David and the previous team for all their hard work in the past, and for continuing to advise and support me.  However further volunteers to help at this event would be much appreciated.

If you would like to help on the Working Group or just for an hour or two on the day I would be delighted to hear from you.

Please call


07799 424945 or

email me at eleanor.margaritelli@hotmail.com


Also I hope all the beautiful gardens I have visited at previous events will open again in 2019, and that some new gardens will open for viewing as well, so that we can continue to raise money for good causes whilst having a wonderful day in the village.  If you are interested or have any questions please contact me as above.  

Eleanor Margaritelli

Chair, Coddenham Open Gardens and Scarecrows Working Group



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WARNING : There have been a number of attempted Shed and  Garden break-ins in the Village this week, the most recent being properties near and around the Church.

Everyone is asked to ensure their property is secure especially overnight and to be vigilant of any unusual activity.

Coddenham Summer Fete will be returning on Saturday 8th September 2018. There will once again be a produce competition and this puts all you gardeners and growers on notice to get planting.

Please keep a look out for posters and the Parish Newsletter coming soon with category details.

If you would like to help with the planning and running of the fete, please contact:

Mitch at coddenhamfete@gmail.com. 


Proposed date of the meeting to have the proposal for a Gyratory system is Wednesday the 18th April 2018. Anticipated to be between 3pm & 7pm it is hoped that Highways department officials will be on hand to explain the scheme in detail. Held in the Village hall on a drop in basis. A feed back form for parishioners to submit their views will hopefully be available on the night and further to be dropped off at the Village Shop for those unable to attend.


The Annual Parishioners Meeting will be held on the 26th April in the Village Hall.

Has anyone checked their Rate bill that has arrived on your door step?

It looks like we will be one of very few that are actually paying less than last year despite increase from other parties. Why is this?

Examination of the Parish Council Minutes reveals the truth.

Whilst the Council has done its bit the main factor has been the exceptional kind generosity of the Day Foundation. They have promised to give a pledge to grant a sum annually that reflects the largest bill the Council have to pay. There are, of course, some conditions but the intent is quite plain. They will pledge on a continuing basis.

May be the Parish News letter that is to appear shortly will give us more information.”